Karen Bergman Wennesland was born in Estonia, in a small village near Viljandi but most of her adulthood she lived, studied and worked in the eclectic city of London. She graduated as an Interior Architect at the University of Westminster in 2013 and gained her design experience working for an award winning architectural firm in London, Islington. After 17 years of adventurous life abroad, in August 2016, Karen finally decided to return back to her motherland and founded an interior design studio Bergman Design.

From the onset, Karen has a great interest in interior and spatial design with mostly residential projects. Subtle transitions between architecture, interior design and styling combined with bold mid-century modern design and retro glam is something that often describes her essence. She enjoys staging, styling and helping spaces come alive and be loved. Prime design components of her work are sustainability, functionality, durability and comfort, where use of pure and tactile materials results in a clear and timeless design. Karen's style doesn’t follow along with the typical trends or looks that we are used to seeing, instead she creates unique urban luxe interiors with elements of vintage, retro and modern pieces.

Karen Bergman Sisearhitekt